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Fatima Yassin


Denmark is very clean and tidy, and the schools work function well. And I think it’s nice that there are no fraudulent activities in Denmark, and you that get what you pay for. I also like that people are very straightforward and don’t beat around the bush. I want my children to feel at home with both cultures, but I think they will eventually become 90% Danish.

In Syria I used to have a clothes shop and it is very different from Denmark. In Syria you talk a lot with the customers, unlike here. In Syria I would sit on a chair having a cup of tea or coffee and chat with the customers. You don’t do that here, only during the breaks. Some Danes are not keen on talking with refugees, only if they need help, and if they do want to talk, it is usually the elderly ones, not the young ones. After arriving here, I have become much more organized. In Syria I would never enter any event in my calendar, but I do here, I have become 100% Danish in that respect. In Syria I wouldn’t fall asleep until 1 or 2 at night, here I’m completely worn out at 11 pm. They are very different societies, and you need to adjust, but as there is a (big) huge difference.

28 / married with two children / job training in SuperBrugsen / Sønderborg / from Syria / came to Denmark in 2015 / residence permit 2017

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