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Nasim Khaleghi


I’m foreign because of the colour of my skin and my language. That’s just it. I try to be like the Danes, because I now feel like Denmark is my country.

The man who helped me get from Germany to Denmark dropped me off near Sandholmlejren. He told me to continue straight ahead. But it was five or six in the morning. I was tired, and confused and in doubt. So, I asked a woman who was out walking her dog. She told me it was miles away, but that I could get the bus if I had the money for it. When I told her I didn’t, she gave me 20 kroner for the ticket.

Later I was moved to the asylum center in Hjørring, where I met a priest and his wife. I, and a friend of mine, were invited to stay at their flat while they were out travelling. They had filled the fridge and left some money so we could go shopping in the supermarket if we needed anything. During the time we stayed there we had our own bath and toilet. We enjoyed it there, watching the telly and cooking. It felt like being back home again. I’m still in touch with them.

Those two and the woman with the dog were the first angels in my life. In ten years’ time I hope my homeland is safe, that I have returned and can stay there with my family again. I have found out it suits me to provide care. I would like to use my experience, education and theoretical knowledge in Iran. My father is 79 and my mother 73. They supported me when I was a child. Now it is my turn, but I’m not there. So, I hope for political changes. I love my family. They are my pride and joy.

38 / female / single / studies to be a health care worker / works as a care worker / Horsens / Iran / came to Denmark in 2014 / residency permit 2015

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