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Ammar Ahmad


Louise started crying because she was sat next to me in the 6th grade. Other of my classmates squeezed themselves up against the doorframe so as to avoid touching me if we met in the doorway. When I came back from PE classes I would find my clothes littered with snot.

If the majority behaves like this, then the nice ones will not dare to behave any differently. But I do remember the decent ones. To begin with I felt very foreign, but today perhaps just 20%. I am not assimilated, I am integrated. With One Unit – a project I dreamt up together with my good friend Tan - we want to give the young people of Sundparken the push we never had. We get them together about something good, give them all aspects of education and a network where others can remember them for having been involved in something good.

I am really passionate about seeing a development. Even when I work as a hairdresser, I give advice to customers. I like to motivate people. It’s cool to give something of yourself, and it has paid off every time. I have been there, where I thought: why am I not happy? What is going to happen? The world can be all black, but it depends on how you look at it. I started searching for something, and came across Earl Nightingale on the internet – a fantastic motivator, who refers to all the great thinkers. I have been listening to him since 2014, and it has pushed me in the direction of others – most recently London Real. I am rather nerdish about it. I feel like making a difference here in Denmark and in the world.

26 / male / married / hairdresser and student nurse / Horsens / from Iraq / came to Denmark via family reunification in 2004

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