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Anas Dayoub


Back in Syria we had a large house and good jobs, but the war ruined everything. Many members of our family were killed. I had just two options: to flee or die.

I was the first one to flee. For a year and a half, I didn’t see my wife and daughter, and I could only talk to them by phone or Skype. Throughout all that time I only thought of my family.

During the flight across the Mediterranean, I was terrified of dying. I arrived in Denmark in a closed lorry with 40 people. We drove for two days, and all the time I thought of my family.

We are anxious about the future and about what will become of us. Can we stay in Denmark when our residence permits expire? It is uncertain. But we are alive and we are together.
We think a lot about what is happening in Syria, but we cannot return home and we cannot go to another country.

I like Danish food. Especially fish fillet and beef. We make both Arabic and Danish food. For Christmas we had duck. We really want to work and pay taxes.

My youngest daughter was born here, and both my children speak Danish and have Danish playmates. We like it here in Denmark, but we don’t know if we have a future here.

We watch Danish television. I don’t like to watch what is happening in Syria. There is too much blood and violence.

40 / male / married / children / electrician / Rødkærsbro / studies at Mercantec / from Syria / came to Denmark 2015 / temporary residence permit until 2020

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