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Ehsan Soltani


I think I’ve been lucky. I am surrounded by good people, and now I have started at HF in Silkeborg to take a high school education. So I’ve been lucky, but every day I think about my family. I have completely lost contact with them.

I came to Denmark in 2016 and received asylum the following year, but I still feel like a stranger here, because it is a completely different world than the one I came from in Kabul in Afghanistan. A completely different culture. But I like that the Danes I meet are, who they are. There is no acting. And they are very helpful. I’ve almost acquired myself a new family. I went to secondary school in Silkeborg, and now I live with my teacher and her family. She is almost a mother to me. That’s how I want to be: open and helpful. These are important values.

In my life, ‘development’ is an important word. I don’t want to stand still. After all, neither does time. When I came to Denmark, I had never used a computer before. I had to learn that, because much of the teaching here takes place on a computer. At the asylum center, I started learning Danish. I studied hard on my own. Used videos on YouTube, among other things. I wanted to learn the language, it was important to me. I wanted to develop. This is also why I want an education. To educate yourself is to evolve.

So once I become a student, I’ll keep going. I want to continue my education, there must be no stagnation. And one day, I will find my family. I lost my dad when I was six years old. But I want to see my mother and siblings again. Someday this will happen!

18 / male / single / no children / studying in high school / Silkeborg / from Afghanistan / came to Denmark in 2016 / residence permit in 2017

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