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Eyad Dahbour


I don’t feel foreign. I knew about Denmark before I came here. I knew that there were many windmills, and I therefore figured that my chances of a job were fair. I also knew that the Danish society is a welfare society, and I knew, and liked, the story of the Vikings. Suddenly they were all over the place. Strong people with great energy, who made things happen.

I’m 100% quick at everything I do. I have many thoughts and also many worries. My hands shake. I act more than I talk. In March 2014 I was in Greece and wanted to cross the border to Macedonia, but it was tough. For six weeks I slept in the forest with nothing but the clothes I wore. The last two days it rained non-stop. My cousin was getting married in Syria, and the thought of neither being there nor on the way elsewhere made me angry and frustrated, so I continued to try.

I had 38 failed attempts to cross the border, all of which ended with me being sent back. It was stupid and irrational to carry on trying, but I couldn’t help it, and in my 39th attempt I succeeded. Later I managed to get to Denmark, but I still have this restlessness inside me. I leave early in the morning and come home late at night. I dream about getting into the engineering course at the University of Southern Denmark in Sønderborg, so I can work with my profession. It doesn’t matter if I don’t earn credits. I just want to get started.

23 years / male / single / mecatronichs technician / workshop assistant / Frederiksberg / from Syria / Palestinian background / came to Denmark in 2014 / residence permit same year

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