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Hawa Anbure


In my culture you help the elderly, just as my cousin now helps my mother in Mogadishu. My ambition is to help elderly people in this country. Luckily in Denmark you have no age. I am 52, my youngest child is 10 and well on the way. The door is open, and I now want to pursue my dream of getting an education.

Jennum Parken in Randers is my heaven. It is also the place where my children grew up. It is the place that they miss when they are away. This is where I over the last 24 years have given birth to and raised eight of our children with just a 4-year break in Egypt.
I was tired and worn out after the many child births, so with help from my husband and brother in Canada, I took the children to Egypt, where my mother and sister from London also helped me get back on my feet.

It wasn’t just my family but also a pedagogue, who looked after my children, who inspired confidence in me. She opened my eyes to the fact that I myself could take care of and control my life. It has given me the energy to help others and participate in local projects such as Neighbourhood Mums in our area.

A lot of kind people have helped me. The nurse, when I came to Denmark and I was sick, malnourished and pregnant. They got me admitted to hospital for treatment. I am deeply grateful for that. The child I was expecting, my first son, arrived as a healthy baby. Today he studies biology at the University of Aarhus. My eldest daughter is studying to become a nurse, and my third child studies economics at CBS. They are all well on their way and can contribute to the society. And I am on my way, too.

52 / female / married / children / attends VUC / Randers / from Somalia / came to Denmark in 1993 / residence permit in 1994

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