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Hikmat Hussein


I’m Danish with Iraqi background. I have always fought for democracy; in Iraq where I fought against the Saddam regime, or in Denmark through my participation in various associations. I work as disseminator of culture, and have even had the honour of founding and running a community centre in Kokkedal. I enjoy a beer, eat frankfurters, and I have gone through a divorce. Three things that go to prove I am well-integrated. I am certain that I will never move back to Iraq.

Even though my papers say I’m Muslim, I’m not a religious man. How can I believe in a generous God after having experienced so much injustice? My mother said “there’s Islam in Denmark but not in Iraq, Iran or Saudi Arabia”. Everybody has a place to live here, it’s free to go to school and to the doctor, and the state supports those who don’t have a job.

We live in a humanitarian country with democracy, and we must cherish that. Today we have about 150 mosques across the country, and despite everyone knowing this is where fanaticism begins, we do nothing about it. I’m afraid of what will happen with the society if the politicians do not take this threat seriously. Everybody has the right to believe in what they want, those who want to wear a scarf, should be allowed to, they should not be discriminated against, but they should not be treated special either.

60 years / male / single / children / health and cultural mediator / Copenhagen S / from Iraq / came to Denmark in 1992 / residence permit same year

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