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Hussein Mohamad


It is not difficult to be a foreigner in Denmark, as long as you want to learn, look for internships and work. But I think you have to make an effort to integrate yourself - and respect that we have come to another country.

I didn't know Denmark at all when I arrived here. Only Peter Schmeichel from television. But I think the Danish flag is very beautiful. I learned most Danish by playing football in Series 6 in Ribe, where we lived for the first six years. It is also through football that I have learned most about Danish culture. We are like a family in my football team, and I love the third half culture. We toast even if we lose, and this is so charming.

We have just recently moved from Ribe to Esbjerg, because my wife is studying here. It was hard for her to take the train to Esbjerg every day. We had been signed up for a flat for the past year and a half, when we finally were offered a terrace house in Sønderris. For me, it was really important that we were offered a place to live among Danes, because I think it is best for my son's future. But the best city in the world for me will always be Ribe. There are many kind people, and the town is so beautiful with its old buildings, and if you need help, people are always ready. I hope that one day we will be able to move back to Ribe.

My dream is to get a job in SKAT, because I really like working with finance. I also studied economics at the University of Syria. Today I work at AB catering at night, and that's also fine with me. I have some fantastic colleagues.

35 years / male / married / children / working at AB Catering / Esbjerg / Syria, Kurdish origin / came to Denmark in 2012 / residence permit same year

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