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Joudi Abdullah


I only feel a little bit foreign. When Rasmus Paludan talks about Muslims, I feel foreign, but not at school. I’m in a class with children from many different countries.

I like to play football and spend time with friends. At school, they think I'm good at football. In Herning Fremad, the coach says that if I train a lot, I may one day play for FC Midtjylland. I am ready to train a lot. I would like to become a football player or something with mathematics.

At school, I prefer mathematics. I would also like to learn English. It is important when traveling. I would like to travel to Germany and Italy and see old things. It is fun to look at old things, and wonder how they lived back then. In Herning, I like the church that is close to the swimming pool. It dates from 1889, and it has not been damaged. I haven't been inside, because I'm not a Christian, but if one of my friends asks if we should go down there, I'd love to.

I’ve never been bullied, but there was a girl in my school who was. Everyone said she had a boyfriend. They teased her about it. Now she's moved. I think that was the reason why. If the war stops, I'd like to return to my country to see my grandparents. I haven't seen them for four years. When my parents went to work, I was with my grandmother and grandfather. We played games. They lived with us, and if my grandfather went somewhere, I would go with him every time. They still live in the house in Afrin. I miss them. I think about how things were, when we were together. It was fun.

10 / boy / 2. class / Herning / family reunification from Syria in 2015 / temporary residence permit

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