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Nour Eddin Zaza


Back in Damascus, I worked as a paramedic and helped save many people, so I find it somewhat absurd that I now feel that I need someone to save me. But that’s the way I feel. I would really like to work as an ambulance driver, but I can’t find anyone who can help me. I have talked with people at the council and with people at the Falck Station, and I now understand that you need to go through a long-term education programme. So, for the time being I am just happy that I have a job and earn my way.

It matters a lot to me that I can make my own decisions, and I can do just that inasmuch as I am in charge of our economy. I have previously tried to ask the council about nearly everything. “May my wife and I travel to Hamburg to visit my brother?” No, they replied, as they did a lot of times when I asked something. Fortunately, it is no longer like that, and I think we are very happy in Skagen. We like it here, also during the winter, and we have really good neighbours, whom I today regard as my friends.

I was at language school for three months, and I don’t think it was worth the effort. It is much better to learn the language by using it, with friends, at work, and as a Red Cross volunteer. I hope I can increase my circle of friends by being active in my free time. I like to play basketball and volleyball, and I want to find a club, where I can play – or if needed, start one myself.

32 / male / married / children / Danish Crown / Skagen / from Syrien / came to Danmark in 2015 / residence permit 2016

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