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Safari Amani


Yet again there were new acts of war in our region of DR Congo, while at the same time my brother and his wife disappeared. We didn’t know if they had just disappeared or if they had been killed in the war. And we still don’t know.

With even more acts of war, there was only one thing we could do, I thought, and that was to flee. And of course, we - my wife, our daughter, and I - took my brother’s five children with us when we fled to Zambia. After a while most of us came to Denmark via South Africa and Germany. I never found out why, but the only one who could not go with us at first was my wife, so until a few months ago, I was the sole carer of the six children. It has been good, and I am happy that the children like it here, and that they like to go to school, and for the oldest that he got a job when he finished school. He is 22 now. Claude, the youngest, is 12. I have learned some Danish, enough to get by, but I still need help when talking with Danes. I get help from the children. They have learned the language quicker than me. I have yet to get a job, even if I would like to. Back in DR Congo, I worked as a taxi driver, and I would like to continue with that in Skagen, but I will need a Danish driving license. My wife is in Skagen now, so I think everything is going to be alright. Skagen is nice. No war, but unfortunately no job yet.

58 / male / married / kids / job seeking / Skagen / from DR Congo / came to Denmark in 2015 / residence permit 2018

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