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Sura Al-Haidar


It's hard to say how Danish I feel. But I take the good things from Iraq, by being a really good housewife, and then I keep the rules and rights with me from Denmark.

We just bought a house. It is a very special feeling that we now own something in the country we live in. And knowing that my daughter will grow up here and have her own room. It is a very nice, big house with room for the whole family when they come over from Copenhagen or from another country. I love to have guests and people around me. It will be different from now where we live in a flat.

When we were buying the house, there were problems with permissions, because my husband has not lived in Denmark for five years. There were questions about language, work and residence permit. It was a surprise when we were finally given permission, and we were really happy. We only felt 70-80 percent sure of succeeding with the purchase.

I would like to be a part of Denmark. My dream is to get a Danish passport. I cannot understand why it has to be so difficult. I grew up here. I went to school here. My daughter was born here. After the 9th grade I took an education. Then they said I should get a job. At the moment, I am on maternity leave and have to wait another year, and they are always implementing new rules. Why does it have to be so hard? I'm a very honest person. It can make me quarrel with people. I just say what I feel right away. I am also a very stubborn person. I get angry very quickly, but I also become happy again very quickly.

27 / female / married / one child / dental hygienist / Rønne / from Iraq / come to Denmark in 2004 / on temporary stay

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