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Vazgen Avagian


I have never perceived myself as being different. Which is perhaps why others have not treated me as such. I genuinely believed my parents had chosen to live here, and did not think that my life in Denmark was any different from that of others. It has only recently become apparent to me that my family are political refugees. My mother has told me a little, actually, I can remember that my father disappeared for a long while when we lived in Yerevan. But my father never told me about it. That conversation has yet to take place.

I would like to study pain science at some point. Pain is an incredibly interesting subject. There is no one who does not experience pain at some point. There are a lot of psychosocial reasons, and there is a connection between pain and the stories you tell about yourself. Eg. it may be painful to move to another country. Pain science is the philosophy within the world of physiotherapy, and I have always been curious and philosophically interested. Why are we here? Why are we so obsessed with the places in life that deal with pain and suffering?

My girlfriend studies psychology. We work on a podcast project. It is mostly to keep us on our toes of our professions, not to make money. But we don’t just want to read articles, so instead we will try to talk to someone who is interested in the same things. Then you can always listen again so you can remember what you learned. I want to say to the world: Hey, I’ve been here too! But I have zero aspirations about becoming a great person. I know I will be very happy to be a physiotherapist.

26 / male / in a relationship / studies to become a physiotherapist / Horsens / from Armenia / came to Denmark in 1998 and got residency permit the same year

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