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Nayageswara Kulanayagam (Daniel)


I have always worked, and I pay my taxes with pleasure. I like the Danish system. If something happens, the police or ambulance arrives in no time.

My mother was a Catholic and my father a Hindu. Today I hate religion. I have a God who loves me - and I believe in charity. I love all people, even if they do not believe in God.
There was civil war in our country when we fled. The military moved into our town and killed many. I was lucky that I was in the capital that day. We fled without any belongings at all.

In the year 2000 my wife and I stopped eating meat. We don’t need it. We eat fish and vegetables - but I don’t like mussels.

Our daughter-in-law enjoys our food, and we like to have Danish food. Tamil food takes a long time to cook but is quickly eaten.

We love staying here and we have nice neighbours. There is plenty of nature around us, where it is nice to go for a walk.

Seven years ago we returned home to bury my father. Although the war had ended, there was still unrest. Our children have been there, but they don’t feel like going there anymore.

It is hard to say where we will be in ten years. Our children live elsewhere in Denmark, so maybe a place where we are closer to the grandchildren.

57 / male / married / children / truck driver / Thorning / from Sri Lanka / came to Denmark in 1986 / asylum the same year / Danish citizen 1995

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