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Sargun Oshana


My childhood was an abundance of changing scenery – Iraq, Turkey, Denmark. It has made me flexible. Like water which can flow in and out everywhere. That is probably why I feel at home at the theatre. The theatre is just not an illusion and entertainment. It is a place where we can look each other in the eyes and discover something important about ourselves.

My dream about becoming an actor awakened when my music teacher at school gave me the role of Elvis Presley in a play. He saw something in me that I did not know I had. I loved it. And I still love the theatre, because it is a place where being different is a strength.

Two years ago, I was in New York together with 70 directors from around the world. A director from Turkey had been jailed for doing political theatre, someone from Kenya made puppet theatre to inform children about HIV medication. It dawned on me how privileged I am that here in Denmark I have a platform where I can express what I want.

My life has been a bit like a Ludo game. Someone threw the dice and I have been moved around like a Ludo piece. I feel lucky that I have two cultures to mirror myself in. The Assyrian and the Danish. The Assyrian is characterized by togetherness, generosity and charity, and a strong protection of the cultural heritage and history. I dream that we in Denmark will also protect what makes us unique – the confidence in other people and the openness towards people that arrive from the outside.

Sargun Oshana / 34 / male / single / house director at Aarhus Theatre / Aarhus / from Iraq, assyrian background / came to Denmark in 1992 / residency permit same year.

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